Cassandra Vincent

Name: Cassandra Vincent

Innovation:Tiny Home Community


Home: Middle East

Occupation: Leadership and Community Development, Entrepreneur Consultant

Hobbies:Traveling and Family Time

Fun Fact: Used to play tenor sax

Twitter Handle: @thecassandranvincent

Big Hearts and Tiny Homes

One Woman’s Vision for Affordable Housing

By Jessica Bizik
Photography by Chris Crews

Cassandra Vincent can barely mask the excitement in her voice when she discusses the Baltimore that she envisions in the near future. But she didn’t always feel this way. There was time when the Morgan State graduate considered relocating because of the increasing crime rate. But then that changed. “Baltimore is a place of great opportunity. Instead of trying to run away from the problem, why not be a part of the solution?”


“Baltimore is a place of great opportunity. Instead of trying to run away from the problem, why not be a part of the solution?”

Cassandra’s solution to Baltimore’s problem is creating a place for everyone to live. The visionary would like to develop Baltimore’s first tiny home community. “I want to create a village that addresses Baltimore’s greatest needs. One that offers self-efficacy or self-efficiency for community neighbors.” Her passion for affordable housing in Baltimore came after a close family member– who happened to be a Veteran– faced a troubling time in search of affordable housing. “This person is a hard worker. He’s making a livable wage but housing was still a challenge. I don’t think anyone should have to live like that,” she explained. The goal is to find ways to make housing affordable, safe and clean, while using some of the blighted areas for good. “I would name the campaign Restoring Vision Back to Communities. I would take an area that looks desolate, but there are still souls and people walking around in the neighborhood.”


In a perfect world, this project would serve individuals and families. Families with up to three people would be able to occupy the single-family homes. But right now, this is simply a vision for Cassandra. “It’s at the ideation. It’s literally a vision right now. I really want to bring a collaborative group together to create this change.” She is passionate about creating the change necessary in the city of Baltimore. “I want to see equality across the board, access and equality for all. I want to help people see themselves as leaders. I want to be a leader that multiples more leaders.”