Park Heights

Park Heights: Community Meeting Wrapup

December 17 at Park Heights Renaissance

3939 Reisterstown Road, Baltimore MD 21215

On December 17, 2014, the Warnock Foundation held the second Speak Up, Baltimore community conversation in Park Heights.

For our second Speak Up, Baltimore conversation, we spent an evening with residents in Park Heights. We started the Speak Up, Baltimore community meeting series for one reason: Because our source for good ideas will always be the people who know best – the residents of our city’s many neighborhoods.

The spirited meeting in Park Heights confirmed that people share our frustration about the problems facing our city, and about what is or is not being done to solve them.

We believe the emotion displayed in our spirited conversation is a good thing. People should be angry that the city is not living up to its potential. People should be skeptical when anyone offers a vague promise to rectify these problems. And people should be disappointed when those promises are not kept.

We are so grateful for the many folks who chose to spend the evening with us. Many opinions were shared, but two recurring themes summarize the sentiments of Park Heights residents:

“Young people need opportunities in the neighborhood, especially those that lead to jobs.”

“Residents need clear communication from their leaders and community organizations, so they can be active participants in the decisions made on behalf of their communities, and so leaders can be accountable.”

We’re so heartened to see so many people show their passion toward Baltimore, its people, and seeing the City reach its full potential.  We take what we heard to heart, and are committed to following through on our promises.