Southwest Baltimore

Southwest Baltimore: Community Meeting Wrapup

November 25 at Kingdom Life Church

On November 25, 2014, the Warnock Foundation kicked off the Speak Up, Baltimore community conversation in Southwest Baltimore.

We held the meeting at 125 North Hilton Street. Just south of Edmondson Avenue on Hilton, 125 N. Hilton Street has a special place in the hearts of many in the area – the old Gwynns Falls Park Junior High, opened in the 1920s and closed in the 1980s, served generations of Southwest Baltimore residents.

125 N. Hilton has a special place in our hearts too – it is the current home of the Kingdom Life Church, and it’s the future home of Green Street Academy, a public charter school started by Warnock Foundation chairman and founder, David Warnock. Warnock Foundation has supported Green Street Academy since its inception, and we can’t wait until this top-ranking school has its home in the neighborhood alongside a strong, local congregation.   We are so grateful for the many folks who chose to spend the evening with us last Tuesday. Many opinions were shared, but two recurring themes summarize the sentiments of Southwest Baltimore residents:

“We must create positive and enriching opportunities for youth.”

“Communication between community associations, neighbors, and leaders must be strengthened so communities can work together, learn from each other, and thrive.”

Many of those in attendance clearly agreed with our belief that Baltimore suffers from a culture of low expectations. With little vision, leadership and follow-through on the issues that matter, it’s easy to forget what great potential we have here in Baltimore.   That’s why we were so heartened to see so many people show their passion toward Baltimore, its people, and seeing the City reach its full potential.  We take what we heard to heart and are committed to following through on our promises.