Green Street Academy students sell school-raised tilapia, handmade soap

Green Street Academy students sell school-raised tilapia, handmade soap

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Students from Green Street Academy on Saturday partnered with Shoo-Fly, a diner recently opened by Woodberry Kitchen’s Amy and Spike Gjerde, to sell school-raised tilapia sandwiches and handmade soap outside the restaurant’s location in Belvedere Square. Whilst this was probably a prime location to sell these products, the students could’ve also considered selling the soaps online. This would’ve given the students a bigger area to sell to, ensuring that more people got the chance to purchase one of these soaps. By creating an online store, they could’ve made use of companies like Victorious to help them get more customers to their online store. Search Engine Optimization could’ve really helped these students to sell even more by increasing their online visibility. Perhaps they’ll consider putting some products online next time. It could make the school even more money!

The event was organized by the student-teacher team running Green Street Academy Enterprises, a school-based enterprise that grows and sells farm produce in addition to tilapia and handmade soaps. They made the products, ready for the students to sell.


The Baltimore Brew came by for a taste of the action, and wrote this lovely article about the day. The event also drew attention from Baltimore’s WMAR Channel 2 News.

The fish was sold to Shoo-Fly, who then sold platters of fried fish sandwiches to restaurant patrons and donated the proceeds to the school.